Sports Line Marking Has Never Been Easier

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What Are the Main Benefits of Field Marking Robots?

  • No more strings and measuring by hand: Initial markings are just like re-markings
  • 100% autonomous GPS line marking robot to free up time for groundsmen
  • 50+ field types which can be scaled and modified
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable line markings every time
  • Works day and night even in rough weather

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Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

Which Line Marker Should I Choose?

From Old Trafford to your local school, the TinyLineMarker® robots keep sports fields ready for athletic games at all levels. Whether for fun, exercise or multi-million dollar sports events, you can rely on our line marking robots to do an excellent job, every time.

You can choose between two models of the robot: TinyLineMarker Sport and TinyLineMarker Pro X. They are both of high quality and constructed for years of hassle-free operation, but they address different needs.

How Do You Perform Line Marking Today?

Let us know how you perform line marking today. With this information, we can show you how much time, money and paint you can save by using automatic line marking.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Transport

Step 2: Setup

Sports line marking tablet

Step 3: Create fields

Step 4: Start marking

See how easy it is to get started.

How do our customers benefit?

Autonomous field painting robot painting a sports field
Rugby pitch Parkway Ground Maintenance
Front view of TinyLineMarker Pro X

” (…) for a football tournament, TinyLineMarker took just 2.5 hours to mark 17 mini football pitches “

Steve Grant, Adur & Worthing Council, United Kingdom

Close-up of TinyLineMarker Pro X buttons
User-friendly tablet interface for robot sports line marking

“While the robot is working, the groundsman can perform other tasks during the 20 minutes that it takes to mark a football field.”

Heine Clemensen, Municipality of Vejle, Denmark

Customer case story for sports line marking

How can you benefit from robotic sports line marking?

To illustrate how you might benefit from our line markers, we have described how schools, sports teams, municipalities and service providers use our robots. Click below to see more.

TinyLineMarker tablet: Manage all your fields in one place

  • User-friendly tablet for easy sports line marking
  • Copy-paste, move and resize sports fields instantly
  • 200+ templates and endless customizations
  • Use background map to place fields directly “in the real world”
  • Fields are always saved for future seasons
  • Lines are marked down to centimeter precision every time
TinyLinemarker tablet showing placement of sports field lines on map
Example of soccer pitch layout with automatic line marking

Sports fields and pitches

Discover the range of templates for sports line marking available with the TinyLineMarker app.

All templates can be customized on the go and new templates are added regularly.

Click below to see a preview of available templates.

TinyLineMarker Pro flyer 2 pages

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TinyLineMarker frees up time for groundsmen and makes initial markings and re-markings easier, faster and more accurate.

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