Robots from TinyMobileRobots are spreading around the world

Custom Logo Painting

Customers all over the world are painting their custom logos and designs on their turf using nothing but their tablet and robot. Event templates for sports event and holidays are also very popular. Check out all the images that we’ve received from our customers marking custom logos on their turf.

Custom logo on field painted by line marking robot

Sports Field Number 1 Million Marked at FC Dallas

Moneygram Soccer Park, Dallas

Our field painters have now marked sports field number 1 million. This milestone event occurred with our customer FC Dallas in Texas at Moneygram Soccer Park where they manage 20 soccer fields. They have been using their field painter for 4 years.

“I Never Thought It Would Be This Easy”

Bryan Samuels, American Youth Soccer Organization, South Pasadena, California, United States

The American Youth Soccer Organization in Pasadena with 1800 kids enrolled added a new player to the team. Results? Material costs were cut by 2/3 and they are now receiving weekly compliments on their fields from neighboring sports teams and associations. Watch Bryan Samuels share their experiences with the TinyLineMarker Sport field painter.

Pitch marking robot on sports turf

TinyLineMarker Sport Saves Time And Money

Deepdale, United Kingdom

The Lilywhites’ home ground, Deepdale, holds the title of the ‘world’s oldest professional footballing site in continuous use’. The team of groundsmen take care of the pitch marking and are now saving time and money using their pitch marking robot.

Camping Lot Marking

Southern Ground Care, Contractor, United Kingdom

UK contractor Southern Ground Care was tasked with marking out 523 camping lots. For this purpose, they used the TinyLineMarker Pro line marker robot. This allowed them to complete the design and marking in just a day and a half.
Autonomous line marker robot for sports line marking

Line Marker Saves Time for Hartpury College

Hartpury, United Kingdom

TinyLineMarker Pro has proved to be a big time saver for the grounds team at Hartpury University and Hartpury College.

“We can now plot our own pitches (…) What would have taken me a day now takes just 10 minutes”, said Grounds and Sports Maintenance Manager Matthew Newman.

“One of the Best Things We’ve Ever Done”

Holbæk Municipality, Denmark

Holbæk Municipality use the field painter a lot on the 18 different sports grounds they oversee in the municipality. They are so happy with it, that they called their investment “one of the best things we’ve ever done”.

And as it turns out, Holbæk marked sports field number 500,000 worldwide marked by our field painters. Read the customer story and see just  how much Holbæk use their field painter.

Sports field painter with line marking paint and user tablet
Artificial Sports Turf Field Marking for Soccer and American Football

Multi-Sport Artificial Turf at Frederikssund Municipality

Frederikssund Municipality, Denmark

Frederikssund Municipality have an artificial turf which they use for both European soccer and American football. Some field lines are permanently sown into the artificial turf, the remaining lines are marked using the TinyLineMarker Sport. This way, they can easily adapt the turf to whichever sport will be played next.

‘Oakey’ Takes Care of Sports Line Marking for Local School

Oakgrave School, United Kingdom

Oakgrove School is the first school in the United Kingdom to invest in a field line marker for sports line marking. “To meet a growing increase in demand, the school needed to find a fast, labor saving and economical way to line-mark pitches,” says Oakgrove’s Grounds Maintenance Manager and horticulturist Bill Malins.

Field line marking robot for Oakgrave School
Logo marking for NHS at Old Trafford with Manchester United

Manchester United Logo Marking

Old Trafford, United Kingdom

Manchester United paid tribute to the National Health Service (NHS) by marking the NHS logo right in the center of  Old Trafford.

Evansville Sports Complex – Reducing Labor Cost and Increasing Productivity

Brett Williamson, Evansville Sports Complex, Indiana, United States

Brett Williamson from Evansville Sports Complex shares his experiences from using the TinyLineMarker® Pro. He was very impressed with the accuracy when doing initial marking and remarking. Increasing productivity and getting even more accurate lines has been a huge advantage, he says.

Minnesota Sodding Company – Speed and Efficiency Make the Difference

Minnesota Sodding Company, Minnesota, United States

Ben Boeding from Minnesota Sodding Company, a US turf care specialist, talks about the advantages of using the TinyLineMarker Pro. Speed, mobility and effective usability through a customized tablet are some of the reasons why TinyLineMarker Pro has become an integral part of their service operation.

FC Dallas Completing Line Marking in a Day

FC Dallas, Texas, United States

FC Dallas in Texas are using the TinyLineMarker for soccer, athletic fields and much more. Our partner in the US Pioneer Athletics met with Benjamin Bauer from FC Dallas at the 2020 Sports Turf Managers Association to hear how the crew has benefited from the line marking robot.

Medway Norse (UK) using TinyLineMarker for automated sports line marking

Big Future for TinyLineMarker at Medway Norse

Medway Norse, Facilities Management Service Provider, United Kingdom

The prospect of at least 30% time savings by using a robot line marker compared to manual line marking – plus the resulting additional benefits in costs and labour resources – proved irresistible to Medway Norse, as the Kent-based grounds and facilities management specialist has become one of the first users of the TinyLineMarker.

Doncaster Council Has Big Plans for TinyLineMarker

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, United Kingdom

The extraordinary levels of savings in time, resources and therefore money forecast by the investment in the robotic TinyLineMarker (TLM) line marking machine will not only see Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s Street Scene team achieve a return on investment measured in months, but the new-found efficiencies will also enable the operation to offer ultra-competitive line marking to sports facilities currently outside of the council’s remit.

Tour de Yorkshire land art
Rugby pitch Parkway Ground Maintenance

TinyLineMarker a ‘No-Brainer’ for Parkway Ground Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance Contractor, United Kingdom

Not only does contractor Dean McDermott know that his purchase of the TinyLineMarker robotic line marking machine will make a big difference to his current operation, “but I know the machine will also enable us to further expand by offering cost-effective line marking to a multitude of new customers – councils and contractors alike,” he says. “Its purchase, to enable us to be more efficient with our current line marking let alone future expansion, was a no-brainer,” he claims.

Adur & Worthing Council Can Bank on TinyLineMarker

Grounds Maintenance Contractor, United Kingdom

“With around 72 regular line marking operations on sites having full-size football and rugby pitches, plus mini pitches, as well as summer sports like cricket (we mark the boundaries at six pitches) and four running tracks, the potential for savings – in terms of time alone – are enormous.”

Adur and Worthing Council

Vejle Municipality, Denmark

Technical and Environmental Department, Vejle Municipality

Vejle Municipality in Denmark service many different sports areas for schools and sports clubs in the municipality and the TinyLineMarker allows them to save a lot of time.

Team Lead Heine Clemensen says, “While the robot is working, the groundsman can perform other tasks during the 20 minutes that it takes to mark a football field. He can collect waste, maintain the grass and perform other different tasks around the field (…) We have now used it for little over a year and as it turns out, the numbers that we were hoping for are actually a lot better than we’d expected.”

Groundkeeper at Vejle Municipality, Denmark

Interview with Jonas Lindsted, Groundkeeper, Vejle Municipality, Denmark

Vejle Municipality use their TinyLineMarker for soccer fields, American football fields and athletics tracks. We met with groundkeeper Jonas Lindsted to hear about his experiences with the line marking robot. See how he uses the robot and tablet on a daily basis to create, copy, move and align fields on sports grounds throughout the municipality.

Parking for 10,000 Cars in 1 day

Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge, Frederikssund, Denmark

Parking space for 10,000 cars was created in 1 day using the TinyLineMarker robot and tablet.

Beder-Malling, Denmark

Interview with Knud Madsen, Beder-Malling

Knud Madsen did the layout and marking of the fields from beginning to end at his grounds. When asked about his experience working with TinyLineMarker, he replied:

“It is like being in heaven. For the past 20 years, the first marking has always been a hassle. Five or six people from the area and the municipality would work hard and spend many hours measuring with cords and tape measures, calculating angles to premark the pitches. It was a nightmare. With TinyLineMarker you just select and place the pitch on the tablet. Then you start the robot and within 20 minutes you have a marked football pitch. And the markings are straight.”

Madsen also talked about using the tablet: “In the beginning it was an ordeal. I am by no means a computer geek. But seeing how easy it was to place a pitch was a fantastic experience. It is a whole new way of working. New layouts, because of puddles or damaged areas, give you much more flexibility in designing the best layout for the pitch. Even today we had to change layout due to damage from moles. With the GPS tablet, it was quite easy to see on the satellite image where the pitches would fit. If in doubt, you do a test run around the outlines to see if there are any problems with trees or bushes. It is a very clever system. The size and weight of the robot impressed me. Even one person can carry the robot to and from a van. It is compact enough to fit in any van or trailer. Thank you for letting me use the system. I hope that many others get to experience your robot.”

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