FC Dallas – Line marking done in a day

It allows everyone else to focus on other areas of the field that we don’t necessarily have the time to keep up with.

Benjamin Bauer, FC Dallas

FC Dallas in Texas are using the TinyLineMarker for American Football, soccer, athletic fields and more. Our partner in the US Pioneer Athletics met with Benjamin Bauer from FC Dallas at the 2020 Sports Turf Managers Association to hear how the crew has benefited from the line marking robot.

Protecting turf surface

At FC Dallas, they often re-position their fields in order to protect the sports area and grass surface. “We have about 20 soccer fields at our complex. We’re constantly shifting them around to move wear around (…) We’ve got only four guys to do 34 acres of athletic fields so we’re able to save some time by not having to re-lay them out every single week.”

Huge time savings

FC Dallas have seen their crew getting more time to focus on all of the other items on their to-do lists prior to games, events, tournaments etc. during the season.

“We went from probably two-three guys painting about two full days to one guy who can paint the whole complex in almost a day (…) But just the time saving is huge to allow us to do some other things around the complex.”

Customer support

“I think the customer support is probably the thing we’ve enjoyed the most about it. Obviously with technology, you’re going to have some hick-ups here and there but we are able to reach them almost 24-7 whenever we have an issue. And everything has been fixed within a day.”

Line marking done in a day

“We’ve got pretty much our entire crew trained on the robot now so we can have whoever’s at work painting. It allows everyone else to focus on other areas of the field that we don’t necessarily have the time to keep up with, especially during the middle of the season when you’re having to spend half of your work week just painting fields versus having one guy one day painting. It’s huge to be able to save that time.”

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