Field line marking robot for Oakgrave School

Oakgrove School is the first school in the UK to invest in a field marker for easier school sports line marking

The robot, officially named ‘Oakey’ by an Oakgrove student, uses in-built GPS technology to recognize and mark out sports templates, which are input beforehand by ground staff on the included tablet.

Impressed at how quickly and efficiently the field paint marker easily moves over grass surfaces and how accurately it paints the field lines, Headteacher Ian Tett said: “Oakgrove is now 18 months into a three year renovation program to improve the school’s five natural turf fields and landscaped areas. The new TinyLineMarker Sport robot, which uses the latest cutting-edge technology, will be an invaluable tool in enabling the school in its ambition to shape and adapt its sports provision.

“Students will learn about the robot’s functionality during IT design and programming lessons and will be able to see first-hand the robot in action, as it marks out pitches in readiness for sporting activities.

The field paint marker was given the fun and fitting name of Oakey, chosen by one of the Year 8 students following a naming competition at the school.

Field line marking robot for schools

Increased demand for school sports

Oakgrove’s Grounds Maintenance Manager and horticulturist Bill Malins added: “Our school’s pitches are not only used by students, but are played on regularly by local community sporting clubs. To meet a growing increase in demand, the school needed to find a fast, labor saving and economical way to line-mark pitches.

“An on-site demonstration of the TinyLineMarker Sport by line marking solutions company Rigby Taylor, showed how easy it is to create pitch templates for football, rugby and athletics using a tablet that is also supplied. The robot was able to mark a pitch within an amazing accuracy of 5-10mm and overmark another within 20 minutes. The TinyLineMarker Sport can be programmed to just mark out the number of pitches needed on a particular day and, if a pitch is required at short notice, the grass can be mowed as the robot follows on.”

The field line marker robot is specifically designed for school sports grounds, local sports teams and community sports facilities around the world. Football templates, running track templates, athletics templates etc. can all be added to the field marker’s template library and marked with the push of a button. Click here to see more examples of available templates.

Source: MKFM News

Field line marking robot for schools

Source: MKFM News

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