Crown Princess Mary's Bridge 6
Crown Princess Mary's Bridge 3
Aerial view of parking space
Crown Princess Mary's Bridge 4
Crown Princess Mary's Bridge 7
Crown Princess Mary's Bridge 8

Parking for 10,000 Cars in 1 Day

Parking for appr. 10,000 cars was needed for the inauguration of the Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge in Frederikssund, Denmark.

In order to quickly set up parking space for visitors, the TinyLineMarker was used to mark the center lines of parking booths on nearby fields, allowing visitors to park close to the bridge for the inauguration. The parking spaces were set up during the course of one day with one operator.

The bridge is part of a newly constructed highway intersection intended to reduce congestion for commuters around Frederikssund. The inauguration day included walks and runs on the bridge, kids activities, food tents and of course, the inauguration speech by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary.

Images: TinyMobileRobots, Fjordforbindelsen Frederikssund

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