“One of the Best Things We’ve Ever Done”

In 2017, Holbæk Municipality decided to make an important change to their line marking operation. They wanted to make line marking more efficient for the 18 different sports grounds they oversee in the municipality. That’s why they invested in the TinyLineMarker Pro which they use daily for many different sports types and turf locations. And as it turns out, field number 500,000 marked by our line markers worldwide was marked by… Holbæk Municipality.

“Investing in the robot painter is one of the best things we’ve ever done”, said Michael Nybo, Team Lead for the Technical Department at Holbæk Municipality. “We use the robot painter extensively at the beginning of each season and during the season as well and we are so happy with it.”

Sports field line marking

Holbæk Municipality Marked Sports Field Number 500,000

Time Spent on Line Marking Reduced

Holbæk Municipality are in charge of servicing and maintaining 18 different sports grounds around the municipality. This includes roughly 60 different 11v11 soccer fields, including 8v8 and 5v5 fields laid inside the larger fields. The field painter is also used for American Football, Handball and Athletics around the municipality.

Previously, line marking all these fields at the start of the season would require 6 persons for a month to go through. Today, all the fields can be marked by 1 person in only 2 weeks.

Sports field painter with line marking paint and user tablet

Sports Field Marking at Holbæk Municipality

Holbæk have used the field painter extensively since 2017 where they acquired the robot. Below is a quick summary of the sports fields that Holbæk have painted with the robot.

The time savings on soccer fields alone, which is usually appr. 4 man hours saved for a new soccer field, clearly illustrates the benefits that Holbæk have seen to their line marking operations because of the robot.

Soccer fields: 3,200

Custom shapes: 150

Handball: 100

American Football: 25

Text and symbols: 15

Running tracks: 2

Efficient and Reliable Sports Line Marking

On top of freeing up time for the groundsmen, Holbæk are saving additional time because they no longer need to maintain unused fields. Previously, if a field was not used, the lines still had to remarked to keep them from disappearing completely. Since the field painter robot doesn’t need existing lines to paint, this is no longer necessary. And that has meant a huge saving in both time – and paint.

500,000 Sports Fields Marked Worldwide!

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