Social distancing zones

Stay Safe Using Social Distancing Zones

Create social distancing zones
Create social distancing zones

Mark Social Distancing Zones in Parks, Schools and Public Spaces

Social distancing can help us protect each other by limiting the spread of corona-virus. Now you can layout and mark social distancing zones using the TinyLineMarker tablet and robot.

Create social distancing zones

Mark Circles or Rectangles

You can quickly switch between circles and rectangles in the TinyLineMarker app. You can of course also adjust the dimensions and space between the zones before marking.

Create social distancing zones

Create Zones

Zones are created from a template in the app.

Create social distancing zones

Add Zones Quickly

In order to add zones, simply drag one of the sides to extend the zone area. The zones will be added automatically (see below).

Create social distancing zones

Extend the Zone Area

Extending the zone area will add zones automatically. Zones can be marked on both grass and asphalt/paved surfaces.

Create social distancing zones

Shift Zones to Create More Space

Zones can be displaced to increase the space between them. This is done automatically in the app and only requires a check mark to be activated.

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