How the TinyLineMarker can help you

Whether you work at a school or municipality, volunteer at a local sports team or run your own business, the TinyLineMarker® can assist.

Forget about the dreary work with initial marking. The TinyLineMarker knows exactly where to paint your sports fields and does so with millimeter precision. No more ropes and calculations, just grab the tablet, select the right field and press go. And then turn to the other tasks you must attend to.

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Get More Work Done

The robot is lightweight and easy to operate so that a single person can manage all line marking. But we often see our customers go out in teams of two and three to take care of all the work needed on the sports grounds. The big difference? Instead of spending three days on line marking where everyone is committed to this particular task, they can complete the line marking much faster – AND trim the plants, clean facilities, maintain sports equipment and fields, and complete these tasks while the robot takes care of the line marking work.

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How TinyLineMarker can help you

TinyLineMarker is the perfect assistant for everybody responsible for line marking. The versatile robot helps a wide range of customers; from local sports teams and schools to municipalities and professional service providers. So how might this work for you? Read on and see how you can benefit from our robot.

Local Sports Teams

If you have a sports team with a few fields located around the facilities, there is typically one person in charge of line marking. For this person, typically a volunteer, a line marking robot means that the beginning of each season will be very different from what it used to be. Instead of the calendar being completely booked because of the tedious initial markings, this person can complete line marking in less than a day and stay ahead on all the other work needed to be done to open up for the new season: cutting grass, moving out goals and equipment from storage, inspection and maintenance of sports fields, trimming plants, keeping up with the game and training schedule etc.

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There’s plenty of things to do as a janitor or a facilities manager. Especially before the school starts again after holidays and students and teachers expect all sports fields and facilities to be ready for activity. These are busy days where you don’t need the time-consuming work of doing initial marking on top of all the other work. The TinyLineMarker helps you out, no matter if you need to paint new fields for the great summer tournament or to re-mark existing fields.


Your teams’ skills are needed for a wide range of jobs and the manual part of line marking shouldn’t be one of them. Bring a line marking robot with you – it is lightweight and can easily be transported in the back of a van – and enjoy the added time to complete other tasks on your to-do lists. Once a field is designed and positioned on the tablet, the robot can paint the field again and again, always in the exact same position – and your team can devote more time to tasks that require their skills and experience.

TinyLineMarker sports line marking tablet - How to create new fields

Service Providers

Always deliver the high quality that your customers expect. Add a TinyLineMarker to your team of specialists and rest assured that your line markings will be perfectly straight, precisely positioned and painted in high quality. Each and every time. As the robot does its work, your specialists have more time to take care of other tasks with full attention and in that way ensure high quality in every detail.

Get a Demo – No Strings Attached

We would love to show you the TinyLineMarker in action at one of your locations. Find your local dealer here and get an appointment for a demo at your place. Naturally, the demo is free and comes with no obligations. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

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