How Does It Work?



The TinyLineMarker can be transported in the back of a car or minivan. Only one person is required, making line marking more flexible for groundsmen.



On the sports ground, turn on robot and tablet. They will automatically connect and find GPS signal.

Add line marking paint and the robot is ready to go.

Sports line marking tablet


Create Fields

On the TinyLineMarker tablet, select a field template and place it directly on the background map. No need for measuring tape for new fields.

Create, edit and save as many fields as you need.

Working with the robot, initial markings and re-markings are the same.


Start Marking

While the robot is operating, groundsmen can move goals, trim plants, cut grass, and do other maintenance operations around the area.

The fields are saved on the tablet and can always be re-marked.

Getting Started With Robotic Sports Line Marking

If you want to see in more detail how our customers usually get started using their robot, you can click the link below. This is what usually happens when we meet new customers:

  • Step 1: Demo
  • Step 2: Delivery
  • Step 3: Training

See How the TinyLineMarker Tablet Works

See how easy it is to use the TinyLineMarker tablet.

TinyLineMarker sports line marking user tablet

See How Our Customers Use the TinyLineMarker

Adur and Worthing Council
Rugby pitch Parkway Ground Maintenance
TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker robot marking sports field lines

” (…) for a football tournament, TinyLineMarker took just 2.5 hours to mark 17 mini football pitches “

Steve Grant, Adur & Worthing Council, United Kingdom

Sports line marking robot
User-friendly tablet interface for robot sports line marking

“While the robot is working, the groundsman can perform other tasks during the 20 minutes that it takes to mark a football field.”

Heine Clemensen, Municipality of Vejle, Denmark

Customer case story for sports line marking
TinyLineMarker Pro flyer 2 pages

Get Free Copy of the TinyLineMarker Flyer

TinyLineMarker frees up time for groundsmen and makes initial markings and re-markings easier, faster and more accurate.

Download the flyer to see the main benefits as well as technical specifications.

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