Easy and Accurate Lacrosse Field Marking

Lacrosse is a sport that comes in many different shapes and sizes; Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, Unified High School Lacrosse, and custom variations for different age groups. Measuring and marking out lacrosse fields can be very time consuming and maintaining the lacrosse field lines season after season can require a lot of effort.

That’s why many of our customers use an automatic lacrosse field painter for their lacrosse fields. The time saved on marking can be used for other critical tasks which improves the overall turf quality.

Lacrosse Field Diagram Template

Lacrosse Diagrams for Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse and Unified High School Lacrosse

The autonomous lacrosse field painter robot comes with a range of pre-installed templates that can be customized and marked instantly. In the TinyLineMarker app, users select a template and place the lacrosse field directly on a map. Any changes to the lacrosse field dimensions can be made on the tablet and saved for all future seasons.

Having all the templates for both men’s lacrosse diagrams and women’s lacrosse diagrams on the tablet is a huge time-saver for our customers who no longer have to worry about manually measuring out the lacrosse fields.

Example of men’s lacrosse pitch layout with automatic line marking

What Are the Main Differences between Men’s Lacrosse and Women’s Lacrosse?

There are several differences between the two games, the main difference being the amount of contact allowed between players. Men’s lacrosse include more physical contact which is why male players are required to wear more protective equipment during the game, including helmets as well as padding on forearms, chest, shoulders and back. In women’s lacrosse, players are only required to wear goggles and mouth guards.


  • Contact: The amount of physical contact allowed
  • Equipment: More protection is required for Men’s Lacrosse
  • Rugby Field Dimensions: The Women’s Lacrosse field is a little longer than those for Men’s Lacrosse for historical reasons; previously, there was no limitation on the length of a Women’s Lacrosse field. This was changed in the early 00’s and the length was fixed at 140 yard or 128 meters (maximum length).
  • Number of players: Men’s Lacrosse teams have 10 players each while Women’s Lacrosse includes two more players on the team, raising the number of players to 12.
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