Soccer fields painted by TinyLineMarker Sport robot

Everything You Need to Know About Field Marking Paint

What field marking paint should you choose? What are the different types of field marking paints? How do aerosol sprays work?

American Football field diagram with 50 yard line

American Football Field Dimensions: How to Measure and Paint American Football Field

What are the dimensions of an American Football field? How do you measure and paint an American Football field from start to finish? And how much time and manpower does it take to complete the football field?

Soccer field marking

Soccer Field Marking Explained: How to Mark The Lines of a Soccer Field

Soccer field marking is a process which involves many steps and requires much effort, especially when soccer fields are to be marked for the first time. All of the field lines and areas need to carefully placed and marked according to the regulations in effect. See how to measure and position a standard soccer field in this article.

American Football Field

Automatic vs Manual Marking of an American Football Field

What are the differences between automatic and manual football line marking? During the year, many different tasks need to be solved in a time-efficient manner in order to keep up with the different seasonal schedules. Football field marking can be a very time-consuming task, both at the beginning of each season and during the season due to the maintenance required. In this article, we look at the benefits of an automatic approach and see how these benefits apply to football field marking.

High-precision sports line marking using GPS signal and RTK network

High-Precision Sports Line Marking – How It Works

One of the most important benefits of an automatic line marker is the accuracy. Knowing that the fields will be marked accurately with a precision of 1-2 cm every time is a major benefit for ground managers and greenkeepers.

See how TinyLineMarker uses satellites and reference stations to mark sports fields with high precision.

Autonomous sports line marking robot saves time during initial markings and remarkings

First Markings Infographic

Spring time means first markings.

We created this infographic to give a quick overview of some of the benefits of the TinyLineMarker.

Time saving examples are included for tennis, soccer, running tracks and American football.

TinyLineMarker sports line marking tablet

Easy Field Management

With the TinyLineMarker app, you can manage your sports fields and your line marking – all in one place. The app allows you to instantly copy-paste, move and resize your fields before marking. The app also allows you to control the robot and adjust the settings as needed. Field management has never been easier.

Example of soccer pitch layout with automatic line marking

Sports Field Templates

Discover the range of templates for sports line marking available with the TinyLineMarker app.

All templates can be customized on the go and new templates are added regularly.

Click below to see a preview of available templates.

Included in free demo

What Happens at a Demo?

Do you want to experience the TinyLineMarker Sport in action? We do dozens of demos every year and would be happy to pay you a visit and show what the robot can do for you.

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

Getting Started With Field Marking Robots

Curious about how our customers usually start up using their field marking robot? The process typically consists of three steps:

  • Step 1: Demo
  • Step 2: Delivery
  • Step 3: Training
TinyLineMarker Pro wins innnovation award France 2019

TinyLineMarker Pro wins Innovation Award in France

Dec 2019

TinyLineMarker® Pro won the Innovation Award at Paysalia, Lyon. Paysalia is the largest event for sports, garden and landscaping in France. Credits to our partner Expo-Line, Netherlands.

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