Field Handball Line Marker

Field Handball, Grass Handball, Outdoor Handball

Handball that is played outside is usually called Field Handball. It can also be referred to as Grass Handball or simply Outdoor Handball.

Field Handball is played outside on a grass field that is 90 to 110 meters long (98 to 1290 yards) and 55 to 56 meters wide (60 to 61 yards). The goal area of this field is marked by a semi-circular line with a radius of 13 meters (14 yards) and a penalty mark that is 14 meters (15 yards) from the goal.

The goal is 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high (7.7 x 2.1 yards). The sport is played with the same type of ball that is used for indoor handball. The game has two teams consisting of 11 players on each team whereas indoor handball has just 7 players on each team.

Fast and Easy Field Handball Line Marking

With our field marking robots, field handball line marking can be done in less that 20 minutes. The lines marked by the robot are always precise with an accuracy of 1-2 centimeters.  You control the robot and can customize your fields by using the accompanying tablet with our pre-installed easy-to-use app.

Field Handball Line Marking

Field Handball Templates

Templates for field handball are available and ready to use in the TinyLineMarker app where they can also be adjusted in size, copy-pasted and repositioned directly from the tablet.

Field Handball Management

All field templates can be easily customized from the TinyLineMarker app. The app allows users to place, copy-paste, move and resize fields instantly. Once a field has been created and saved for the first time, it will be available for all future seasons right on the tablet. This means that for the following field handball seasons, the operator simply has to select the field in question and press Start on the accompanying tablet.

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Source: Topend Sports

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