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Fast and Easy Football Field Marking

American football field layout and line marking can be very time-consuming, especially due to the large number of lines and hash marks required. The hash marks alone require 400 small lines to be placed and marked using handheld stencils. Automating this process using an automatic sports line marker can significantly improve the overall turf management for American football fields.

How to Lay Out Your Football Field in Less Than 30 Seconds

With the help of our user-friendly tablet, laying out a football field is a very simple process. All that you need to do is follow the few steps that can be easily followed on the video. These steps are:

  • Choose your template
  • Place it wherever you want
  • Edit the template
  • Press save when you are done

As Bryan Samules quoted when talking about his experience with the TinyLineMarker Sport, “I never thought it would be this easy” (Link to Video)

How to Modify Your Football Field in 40 seconds

While you are laying out your football field, you might want to modify more that just the size and location of the field. This is where the “Advanced” options comes in handy.

By using the “Advanced” options, you will have many different options to choose from when modifying your football field. Some of the pre-set options you could choose from, are:

  • Add/remove restriction lines
  • Add/remove side hash marks
  • 7 yard marking
  • 9 yard marking

Do not forget that you can also remove or add back any lines or parts from the template. This can be done simply by tapping on tapping them on the template you can see on the right side of the tablet.

Once you are happy with the template, press “Save” and you are ready to paint your field.

How Does the Tablet Save my Templates?

When you have created and modified your field and you press Save, this particular field layout is saved online. What does this mean for you? It means that you can always:

  • Access your fields later
  • Re-paint them
  • Edit them again in new versions
  • Find your previous versions of the same field, etc.

It also means that all fields are always backed up in the cloud. This means that you can switch between different robots and tablets to paint the same fields. Everything is accessible from your customer account online.

Save Time on American Football Field Marking

Laying out and marking an American football field often requires several persons to be actively engaged for many hours. Remarking the football fields also requires a lot of time and is often required even though the fields are not being used. If the fields are not remarked regularly, the lines will disappear completely and the fields will have to be measured out again from scratch. See more about the differences between automatic vs manual football field painting.

Manual layout and line marking, four persons: 20 hours in total

Automatic layout and line marking, one person: 2.5 hours in total

Time savings: 17.5 hours

American Football Field Marking

Use Numbers and Letters for Yards and Team Names

The TinyLineMarker robots can also mark out all yard numbers and write team names in the end zones of the American football field, making this line marker an all-in-one solution for line marking crews. The yard numbers can easily be toggled on or off, depending on whether they are needed for training or not. This means savings in both time and paint. Likewise, hash marks are often not needed for practice but only for actual games. The hash marks can also be toggled on or off directly from the tablet before the line marking begins.

Placing and marking team names can also be done quickly from the user tablet. Now you can quickly get your American Football fields in shape for the competing teams.

Næstved Vikings American Football field aerial image

See the Line Marking Robot in Action

Different Football Field Diagrams

We offer football field diagrams for High School, College and Professional American football. Country-specific templates are also available and all templates can be customized on the go directly in the TinyLineMarker app.

It is also possible to have the field marking robot mark out specific elements of the field such as hash marks or player areas/coaching zones. One of our customers is using this method on their artificial multi-sport turf for American football and European soccer.

We also offer templates for a range of other sports types.

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