Getting Started with Robotic Line Marking

Getting Started with Your New TinyLineMarker

The day has come when your new line marker arrives for its first day at work. Our local representative brings the TinyLineMarker® robot to the location agreed and will make sure that you get a proper introduction to it.

The whole thing takes no more than a couple of hours, including ample time to try out the robot and ask all the questions you might have. This is what usually happens when we meet new customers:

  • Step 1: Demo
  • Step 2: Delivery
  • Step 3: Training
TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker Sport lining a sports field

Step 1: Demo

Our customers usually start out with a demonstration of the robot and tablet at their own sports fields. A demonstration takes approximately two hours and is 100% non-binding. Read more about our line marker demonstrations and how to book one here.

Assuming that you have had a demonstration and you decide to invest in our line marking solution, you move on to step 2.

Step 2: Delivery

The robot has been thoroughly inspected before shipping, so the unpacking and initial check-up usually takes no more than a few minutes. The robot and the accompanying tablet are checked by our representative.

Both robot and tablet are delivered with fully charged batteries so that we can begin the training right away.

What is included?

  • The TinyLineMarker robot
  • Tablet with the TinyLineMarker app installed
  • Battery
  • Chargers for battery and tablet
  • Quick Start Guide and User Manual

Full Control of Your Sports Line Marking

The powerful tablet ensures full control and transparency in your work.

Step 3: Training

Now it is your turn. You will learn how to prepare the TinyLineMarker, choose and adjust templates on the tablet and send the robot in action. We will show you how to control the robot from the tablet and perform the few simple tasks that come with it.

The main learning points of your introduction course:

  • Attaching paint container, hoses, and battery
  • Adjusting the spray tool for a perfect paint result
  • Selecting, editing, and designing sports fields on the tablet
  • Controlling the robot from the tablet
  • Battery handling, charging, etc.
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting

After the demo and the introduction course, you will know all the essentials and will be ready to paint your first sports field with the TinyLineMarker.

TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker Pro X lining a soccer field back side

You’ll Never Paint Alone

Your purchase of a TinyLineMarker comes with full service and support. Our service technician will pay regular visits to inspect your robot and make sure that it works perfectly, and if you experience any problems or just need tips or advice, our support team is ready to help.

We have local technicians and product specialists in all our markets, so you can get help in your own language.

Not Decided on Which Model?

The TinyLineMarker comes in two models – the Pro X and the Sport model. They are both reliable, accurate, and user-friendly, but they differ in paint capacity, battery size, and more. Here you can learn more about the two models and how they work.

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