Ben’s Solutions for Line Marking

Meet Ben

Ben works as a groundsman at Imagine FC. Ben is often very short on time, and especially line marking can take up a lot of his day.

Today, we met with him to discuss some of the ways a sports line marking robot can help groundsmen and greenkeepers save time and have more control of their line marking.


#1 Initial marking

Initial marking the sports fields is the most time consuming part of Ben’s job. Everything has to be measured manually; the position and dimensions of the fields, the sidelines, corners, goal zones, hash marks, center marks etc. This has to be done at the start of every season, costing Ben and his team a lot of time away from other important tasks.

With the sports line marking robot, the pitches are never lost but stored safely online for all future seasons. This saves a lot of time for Ben and his team. What used to take 5 hours for a standard soccer field (measuring and marking) now takes less than 20 minutes.

When the season begins and Ben goes to mark a pitch from scratch, he selects a pitch template on his tablet, places it on the map, and starts the robot. Then, he saves the pitch in that location and gives it a name. When he comes back the following season, he finds that pitch on his tablet and starts the robot again. Time is saved, not lost.

#2 Free up time for other tasks

As a groundsman, Ben is responsible for a lot of different tasks on the sports grounds, line marking being one of them. Marking the sports lines is a critical task, which means that other tasks often get pushed down the list. After all, a game can’t start without the lines.

With the TinyLineMarker marking the sports pitches, Ben now has more time for sports ground maintenance, plant trimming, litter picking, grass surface care, event preparation etc.


#3 Saving time from unused sports pitches

Previously, when a pitch was not used for a few weeks, Ben and his team still needed to re-mark the lines during the season to keep them from disappearing. This is no longer necessary, as the sports line marking robot remembers the exact position of the pitches. Unused sports pitches can be re-marked shortly before the next game and Ben and his team can save time from maintaining unused sports fields and pitches during the season.

#4 Adjusting sports fields

Positioning sports fields can be very difficult – especially if the space is limited. Sometimes groundsmen need to adjust the size of a sports field to make the most of the available space. Or they need to place smaller fields within larger fields in order to reuse the lines and save space.

Using the TinyLineMarker tablet, Ben and his team can now place, move, copy, align and edit fields while they are working with the robot. This allows them to make small changes to the fields, to reuse lines from other fields, to add or remove lines instantly before marking etc. Compared to manually placing and marking everything, this is a great time-saver for the team.


#5 No more disappearing lines during season

When the grass is cut and the lines fade during the season, it can be difficult to see the old lines and to re-mark the fields manually. If the lines disappear completely, Ben and his colleagues need to measure out and initial mark the fields again.

Using a robotic sports line marking machine, the lines never disappear. The fields can always be selected on the tablet and re-painted. This way, Ben and his team no longer have to worry about the lines disappearing the day before an important game.

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