Automatic Marking of Rugby Fields

Rugby fields require less line marking work than American football fields, but they can still be a challenge to mark out. Several persons are needed to measure and position the rugby field lines and only once that is done, the manual line marking can begin. That is why our customers use an automatic field painter so they can save time on initial markings and have the robot position and mark the rugby fields all in one step.

Example of rugby league pitch layout with automatic line marking

Rugby Field Templates

Templates for both Rugby Union and Rugby League are readily available in the TinyLineMarker app where they can also be adjusted in size, copy-pasted and repositioned right from the tablet.

See our customer case from Parkway Grounds Maintenance (UK) who have used the field marking robot for rugby field line marking.

Rugby Field Management

All field templates can be easily customized from the TinyLineMarker app. The app allows users to place, copy-paste, move and resize fields instantly. Once a field has been created and saved for the first time, it will be available for all future seasons right on the tablet. This means that for the following rugby seasons, the operator simply has to select the field in question and press Start on the accompanying tablet.

See more about our sports line marking tablet.

Rugby Field Marking

What are the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

The difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union is first and foremost the number of players on the field. Where Rugby League is played with teams of 13 players, Rugby Union is played with teams of 15. Consequently, the Rugby League fields are a little smaller than Union fields.

Points are also awarded differently between the two games. In general, there are four ways to score points in rugby: Try, Conversion, Penalty and Drop Goal. For an explanation of the points system as well as more detail about the differences between the two types of rugby, see more information here.

We also offer templates for a range of other sports types.

Source: WUC Rugby

Rugby field line marking
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