Fast and Easy Soccer Field Marking

Marking soccer fields can take a very long time, especially because measuring and positioning all the fields manually can be a very time-consuming task. Using an automatic soccer field marker, valuable time can be saved and dedicated to other maintenance tasks.

Soccer field layout can also require a lot of time since there is often a need for many fields of different sizes for soccer training and practice. That’s why we offer a large range of different soccer field templates which can all be marked automatically by the TinyLineMarker robots.

How to Lay Out Your Soccer Field in Less Than 30 Seconds

Save Time Using an Automatic Soccer Field Painter

For initial marking, the time saved from stringing out and manually marking the soccer fields can be substantial. See how to draw a soccer field to get a quick understanding of the steps involved when marking a soccer field manually.

Manual layout and line marking, two persons: 5 man hours in total

Automatic layout and line marking, one person: 0.5 man hours in total

Time savings: 4.5 man hours per soccer field

How to Modify Your Soccer Field in Less Than 30 Seconds

See the Line Marking Robot in Action

Many Different Soccer Field Diagrams

In the TinyLineMarker app, you can choose between a range of different soccer field templates such as 11v11, 8v8, 5v5 etc. and place them on the background map. All templates can be customized instantly on the tablet and saved for future use.

Soccer field diagrams and regulations vary from country to country. That is why we have almost 20 different standard soccer field templates that our customers use in different countries.

We also offer templates for a range of other sports types.

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