Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Bolsters Their Team With a Second Robot

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance (CW), the UK’s market leader in commercial grounds maintenance and a long-standing customer of the TinyLinMarker Pro, has recently received the TinyLineMarker Pro X – the latest GPS-guided robotic line marking machine.

Steven Hurley is the Regional Manager for CW Devon. CW Devon is one of 46 Nationwide Franchisees that provide complete grounds maintenance services for education facilities, housing associations, facilities management companies, and estates. 

In early March 2023, Steven procured his second robot from TinyMobileRobots’ UK distributor, Origin Amenity Solutions.

We carry out the line marking requirements for approximately 80 schools, colleges, and sports fields. There is planned acquisition of further schools this year so we need to be in a position to meet the additional requirements these will bring. After initial marking we carry out weekly over-marking so I anticipate both of our robots will be in use full time.

The Efficiency and Convenience of the TinyLineMarker Pro X

Packed with a range of brand-new innovative features, the TinyLineMarker Pro X is an exciting new GPS robot. Its design makes line-marking projects as streamlined and effortless as possible. 

Steven continues,

Our first robot is the TinyLineMarker Pro which has been brilliant. After five years it is still going strong, but it was time to add to the fleet. We need to be able to offer high quality line marking to all our customers in a timely fashion. The additional robot will ensure we can do that. Our original robot is a good robust machine, but I am very impressed with the new and improved TinyLineMarker Pro X. It is efficient and easy to use. The design and light weight of the machine makes it so convenient and easy to handle and transport. It has bigger wheels that are better at handling on rough or uneven ground which is ideal and well suited for the soft ground conditions we often have here in The Southwest.

Impressive New Features

TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker Pro X with a tablet user

Steven is particularly impressed with one of the new key features, the Multi-Select tool. This tool gives users the ability to queue up multiple pitches in their desired order. After that, the robot will accurately mark out the designated areas.

This feature will be invaluable; it will save me so much time!

When marking out multiple pitches, it is likely that any robot will run out of paint. This is where another of the new features comes into play, the Low Paint Alert System, ensuring no time is wasted. When the robot is running low on paint, an automatic alert is sent to the user’s hand-held tablet notifying them of the paint levels. This is a much-welcomed feature that avoids time being wasted marking out a field with no paint in the tank! Not only does this feature notify the user of low paint levels, but the robot will also send an alert if there is a clog preventing the robot from line marking. 

The TinyLineMarker Pro X also boasts many more improvements, including:

  • General hardware and software upgrades
  • Enhanced electronics within the robot, allowing for more reliable and robust line marking in a range of project areas
  • Enhanced external design
  • New buttons that activate the pump and nozzle, enabling users to prime, clean, and test without using the tablet

Thanks to these design upgrades, the robot offers faster deployment. Maintenance has been streamlined too, making all-round care as minimal as possible.

Steven sums up by saying,

I’m really delighted with the new robot. Its many new features are going to be invaluable to us. And having a second machine means we can service many more customers.

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