Guernsey States Works Have Switched to TinyLineMarker Pro X For Their Line Marking Jobs

TinyLineMarker Pro X - Autonomous Solution to Line Marking

At the end of February 2023, States Works Propagation Unit in Guernsey received the latest GPS-guided robotic line marking machine, the TinyLineMarker Pro X. 

Richard Langmead manages the Land Management section of States Works. His team carries out grounds maintenance predominantly for the States of Guernsey local government which includes maintaining:

  • School grounds
  • Parks and gardens
  • Social housing
  • Coastal areas and cliff paths
  • Health properties

“The primary use for the line marker will be to mark out sports pitches on our education sites. We will also be offering a service to other sports clubs on the island. My team used to mark out by hand using a manual line marking machine but this is time-consuming. Additionally, as our workload has grown, so has the requirement for us to be faster and more efficient. I decided to purchase the TinyLineMarker Pro X robot for many reasons but mainly due to the efficiency the robot will give us.”

The Benefits That Come With The TinyLineMarker Pro X

The TinyLineMarker Pro X is an exciting new GPS robot packed with innovative features. Its main purpose is to streamline line-marking projects and to make them effortless.

Richard adds,

“As a business we were looking at ways to do tasks more efficiently and are always looking at technology to try and help with this. We came across the TinyLineMarker Pro X on the internet. The potential cost savings on labor and the ability to have a pitch marking service that we could offer to other sports clubs on the island did appeal and fitted in with our business plans.

We have only just started using the robot, but it has already made the initial marking of the pitches much more efficient, and we certainly expect to see the savings in labor costs going forward.”

Exciting New Features That Save Time and Increase Productivity

TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker Pro X man showing a tablet

A popular new feature of the TinyLineMarker Pro X is the Multi-Select Tool and Richard agrees that it gives a “noticeable time saving.” This tool gives users the ability to queue up multiple pitches to be marked out in a specific order of their choosing. The robot will then mark out the designated areas without having to recalibrate each time. To help avoid problems, the robot displays the route it will take to mark out all queued pitches, so the users can ensure that the path is clear of obstructions for a seamless line-marking project.

The robot also provides estimated completion time and driving distance, keeping users informed about project progress.

Working hand in hand with the Multi-Select Tool, the Low Paint Alert feature ensures no time is wasted due to running low on paint when sending the Pro X off to mark multiple pitches in succession. When the robot is running low on paint, an automatic alert is sent to the user’s hand-held tablet notifying paint level is low. In addition, the robot will also send an alert if there is blockage which is preventing the robot from marking. “A simple yet time saving feature that is going to be incredibly useful to us” comments Richard.

It means my team can carry out other jobs nearby while the robot does it thing, making us more productive and efficient. We don’t need to waste time monitoring the robot closely but are aware immediately when the paint is low, and we can top up before it runs out.

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