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Price Per Pitch Savings Make the TinyLineMarker a ‘No-Brainer’ for Midlands Contractor

Not only does contractor Dean McDermott know that his purchase of the TinyLineMarker (TLM) robotic line marking machine will make a big difference to his current operation, “but I know the machine will also enable us to further expand by offering cost-effective line marking to a multitude of new customers – councils and contractors alike,” he says. “Its purchase, to enable us to be more efficient with our current line marking let alone future expansion, was a no-brainer,” he claims.

The TLM is the latest investment by his company, Parkway Ground Maintenance, during a period when the Birmingham-based grounds maintenance contractor has spent a six-figure sum on new machinery and equipment to complement a highly-skilled workforce.

Dean continues: “Not only is the application of TLM truly a one-man operation – and that includes unloading and loading for each job/site – but it is also very fast and very accurate.”

Rugby Pitch Parkway Ground Maintenance

Savings in Time and Manpower

“In this business, it’s all about price per pitch and since the TLM can mark a full-size football pitch in just 20 minutes, with one operator, compared to (in Parkway’s case) around 2/2.5 hours manually with two operators, the savings in time and manpower are evident. Also, an eight-lane running track that used to take two of my guys a full day, at least, can now be completed by one person in only 2.5 hours.”

The TLM utilises the latest GPS technology with RTK receiver and antenna that connects with global satellites and mobile network connections. It takes the input of pitch line dimensions and multiple pitches via an App and re-positions them to best fit the site using Google Maps. Once stored, the lines are never lost, even if they disappear if a pitch is not used for any length of time.

“We have one line marking expert dedicated to TLM operation and he has readily adapted to the technology,” says Dean.

Initially aimed at football pitches (any length/width), and rugby union and league pitches as well as multi-lane athletic tracks, tennis, lacrosse and American football pitches, TLM can also mark bespoke shapes, which is often required for some smaller locations and events such as school sports days. “That will surely prove another major benefit as we go forward with our robotic line marking service,” Dean adds.

Servicing Schools, Clubs, Associations, Parks

With an established customer base throughout the Midlands – for example, looking after 50 winter pitches for local schools, as well as community football clubs, housing associations and business parks – Parkway’s reputation as an approved Rigby Taylor partner regularly also sees it operating nationwide on a contract basis.

Before the investment in TLM, all line marking was carried out using Rigby Taylor’s iGO Advanced machines. “There is nothing wrong with these machines; and everyone in the team can use them, and we still use them for overmarking (after initial marking, we ensure we use TLM, however, for every third mark),” says Dean.

Offering Customers a Better Service

“But as our line marking demands have grown, especially the time needed for initial marking, it was sometimes becoming a tricky balance to meet customer demand while effectively tying up expert line marking staff for hours on end. Now, with TLM, that problem has been resolved.”

In conclusion, Dean adds: “In recent years we would have two or three guys undertaking initial marking, in total spending about six weeks of the year doing only that. Now, with TLM, it will take just one operator a lot less time! This has allowed us to move forward with expansion and to take on more work for our other grounds maintenance services while at the same time continuing to provide our customers with the service they deserve.”

Cautiously, I initially judged a five-year return on investment in TLM, but within the first few months of using the machine and seeing the growing demand for our line marking services, I reckon it will certainly payback within three years, and maybe even two!


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