Large-Scale Camping Lot Marking

Camping Lot Marking

UK contractor Southern Ground Care was tasked with marking out 523 camping lots for the Thruxton Racing Circuit ahead of the British Super Bike Championship 2021. For this purpose, they used the TinyLineMarker Pro line marker robot. This allowed them to complete the design and marking in just a day and a half.

523 5 m x 10 m parking lot done by the TinyLineMarker Pro.
Image of 523 5 m x 10 m parking lot done by the TinyLineMarker Pro.

How to Mark Camping Lots Using the TinyLineMarker App

The camping lots needed to be 5 x 10 meters each. Knowing this, Lewis Petley from Southern Ground Care seized his control tablet for the robot and went to work.

He started the design by placing a base line and copying it 10 meters away to have the front and back lines, then created a 10 meter line going across and finally copying it across at 5 meters distances to create the individual lots. After this, it was merely a matter of repeating the copy-paste for each box.

All of these commands come as default options in the TinyLineMarker app. When copy-pasting, the user is able to select how many copies to create, how to place them in relation to each other and even specify a default spacing between them. This makes custom jobs for service providers and contractors a lot easier and a lot faster.

TinyLineMarker Pro comes with a tablet that has the easy to use TinyLineMarker app installed. In the app, there are templates for parking lots, sports fields, social distancing zones etc., all ready to use right away. Templates can be adjusted in size, copy-pasted and repositioned directly from the tablet.

Want to know more about the use of the app? Read more about the different options for easy field management.

Bellow you can see images of the parking lot templates in the TinyLineMarker app.

TinyLineMarker-Field-Painter large-scale camping lot marking

Custom Line Marking Jobs

With the help of automatic field painters, the line marking of camping lots and other custom line marking jobs becomes fast, accurate and efficient. For service providers and contractors, this means reducing time spent on monotonous tasks and thereby increasing the revenue stream. For some contractors, automating this part of their work even means the possibility of reaching new customers who either need traditional sports line marking or custom line marking.

TinyLineMarker Pro X

The TinyLineMarker Pro X is our top model, designed for the most demanding jobs. This line marker has a big paint capacity and all sports templates are included. Go to our comparison page to see more details about battery life and performance.

The big wheels keep the Pro X-model going even when the surface is soft, and the sturdy construction ensures reliable operation every time, even in rough weather conditions. With 10 liters in the paint container, Pro X can paint several fields before re-fill is needed, and this makes it a real time-saver.


Key Specifications

  • Autonomous: Fully automatic and able to paint between fixed goal posts
  • Fast: New 11v11 soccer field in 20 minutes
  • Capacity: Battery will last for a full day’s work, paint 10L capacity
  • Reliable: 1-2 cm precision every time for initial marking and remarking
  • Easy to use because of intuitive tablet solution

Read more about the TinyLineMarker Pro X here: TinyLineMarker Pro X

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