Stoke City Saves Hundreds of Hours Lining Pitches with the TinyLineMarker Sport

It’s been 9 months since Stoke City FC got their GPS-guided line-marking robot, the TinyLineMarker Sport. The machine was delivered by TinyMobileRobots’ UK dealer – Origin Amenity Solutions. Andy Jackson, Grounds Manager for the football club says, “We are more than happy. It has been a fantastic buy for the club.”

Andy, who has been at Stoke City FC for the last 27 years, manages a team of 12 grounds staff who are trained to use the TinyLineMarker Sport.

He adds, 

”Using the robot is so easy, it makes life is so much simpler and helps us manage the business much easier and more efficiently. The club has nine grass training pitches, before the robot we used a spray line marker and it took two people half a day to initial mark each pitch, the TinyLineMarker Sport does the same job in 20 minutes. This is a massive saving in time and resources which enables us to get more jobs completed at the same time. In the summer we will be overmarking the pitches two or three times a week, the labor savings we are making, to deploy elsewhere, are just incredible.”

All The Benefits That Come With The TinyLineMarker Sport

TinyMobileRobots TinyLineMarker Sport lining a sports field

Packed with a range of innovative features, the TinyLineMarker Sport is a GPS-guided robot designed to make line marking projects as reliable, streamlined, and effortless as possible. Its low weight enables it to be lifted easily by one person. In addition to that, its small size means it can fit into a regular-sized car and be transported from one location to another easily.

Andy adds,

“It is important for the club to stay at the forefront of technology. Robots for line marking is definitely visionary and the way forward. It really isn’t going to take very long for the robot to pay for itself. What I really like about the robot is the flexibility it offers; it does so many things. For example if one of our training coaches wanted training grids, we can produce that really quickly and easily – it’s just no problem at all.”

The football club also use the Impact paint supplied by Origin Amenity Solutions.

Andy mentions,

“I’m really happy with the paint. It works perfectly with the robot. It produces nice bright white lines and doesn’t transfer to the grass via the wheels and rollers from machinery. I am very impressed.”

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