TinyLineMarker Pro

The TinyLineMarker Pro® is our top model, designed for the most demanding jobs. This line marker has a big paint capacity and all sports templates are included. Go to our comparison page to see more details about battery life and performance.

The big wheels keep the Pro-model going even when the surface is soft, and the sturdy construction ensures reliable operation every time, even in rough weather conditions. With 10 liters in the paint container, Pro can paint several fields before re-fill is needed, and this makes it a real time-saver.

Who Is This Line Marker For?

We recommend TinyLineMarker Pro to large sports clubs/teams, municipalities and service providers with many paint jobs and a variety of different sports fields to look after. The robust and versatile robot will prove to be an efficient and non-demanding co-worker that just keeps on delivering.

See the Line Marking Robot in Action

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Key Specifications

  • Autonomous: Fully automatic and able to paint between fixed goal posts
  • Fast: New 11v11 soccer field in 20 minutes
  • Capacity: Battery will last for a full day’s work, paint 10L capacity
  • Reliable: 1-2 cm precision every time for initial marking and remarking
  • Easy to use because of intuitive tablet solution

Download our flyer to see more specifications.

Sports line marking robot

Full Control of Your Sports Fields

The tablet lets you create, copy-paste and move fields around instantly
Included in free demo

Free Live Demo

Do you want to experience the TinyLineMarker Pro in action? We do dozens of demos every year and would be happy to pay you a visit and show what the robot can do for you.

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Get Free Copy of the TinyLineMarker Flyer

TinyLineMarker frees up time for groundsmen and makes initial markings and re-markings easier, faster and more accurate.

Download the flyer to see the main benefits as well as technical specifications.

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