The Most Affordable Solution – And The Easiest One

TinyLineMarker Sport is the most affordable field painting robot in the market and it delivers high performance and great results every time!

Comparison chart of field painter robots

Transportation and Weight

TinyLineMarker Sport has a very low weight (55 lbs) and is designed for easy transportation between jobs. The robot can fit in the trunk of any regular sized car. Also, it has been designed with lifting bars on either sides to make it even easier to move.

Having 3 wheels instead of 4 not only reduces weight and space required for transport – it also ensures that the lines can be painted accurately on uneven surfaces. With 4 wheels on an uneven surface, one wheel will always be floating in the air which will affect the accuracy of the lines.


TinyLineMarker Sport does not rely on additional equipment for precision, such as a base station. All you need to do is turn on your robot and tablet and you are ready to paint. The base station is a GPS receiver mounted on top of a tripod. This equipment has to be placed in the same location every time the fields need to be painted. Otherwise, the entire field layout will be out of place.


The TinyLineMarker Sport is able to work 5 hours straight on one battery charge. This is possible thanks to the low weight of the field painter which requires less power to move around than a larger, heavier machine.

Online back-up of fields

Every field that is created using the robot is also saved in the cloud. Fields are created using templates that are pre-installed on the included tablet. These templates are simply placed on a background map, or they can be placed according to fixed positions, such as fixed goal posts (see video below).

Having online back-up of all field layouts means that if anything should happen to the field painter, it’s always possible to retrieve the layouts, along with their exact position, dimensions and customizations.

Field sharing between robots

Let’s say one of our customers has two robots and two different turf locations. Wouldn’t it be a hassle if Robot 1 was only able to paint fields on Location 1, and vice versa? Field layouts should be accessible for both robots, regardless of which robot the customer is using that particular day. This is possible with the TinyLineMarker Sport, thanks to the online storage of field layouts. Any field created by the customer can be marked by any robot owned by the customer.

Accuracy and Positioning

The TinyLineMarker Sport uses a position signal from satellites. It also uses an extra signal, called a correction signal, from the existing RTK network. This gives an accuracy of 0.4 – 0.8 “.

The other way to use automatic field painters is to use a position signal from satellites along with a base station. In this set-up, the base station provides the correction signal. This also gives an accuracy of 0.4 – 0.8 “.

The important thing to know is that the correction signal, whether from RTK or base station, also comes from the satellites. So if there are problems with the signals coming from the satellites, this will affect the field painter regardless of the set-up used.

We use the RTK network for two main reasons: It provides the accuracy needed for line marking (and the same accuracy as other methods) and it is much easier for our customers to paint their fields this way.

Click here to read in more detail how the RTK network works.

See the Line Marking Robot in Action

Time-lapse of TinyLineMarker Sport painting a rugby field with fixed goal posts

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