See the Line Marking Robot in Action

Designed for Athletic Directors and Facility Managers

The TinyLineMarker field painters are ideal for high schools, colleges, independent school districts, Parks & Recs departments, contractors etc. looking to reduce cost and improve field quality.

Save Thousands of Dollars on Time and Paint!

Paint a new American Football field in just 2.5 hours. No more need for measuring tape! And no more maintaining unused fields for fear that the lines will disappear.

Drag-drop Your Fields on Tablet (Google map) and Hit Start

200+ sports field templates at your fingertips with endless customization options. And all your fields are stored online and ready to be painted at any time.

Easy Transportation and Set-up

The TinyLineMarker Sport weighs only 55 lbs and does not need extra equipment to work; only robot and tablet. That means you can move it between locations using your Prius (see how they do it in Pasadena, California).

Most Affordable Solution Means Payback in Year 1

We have made automatic field painting available to everyone with this robot. Many of our customers even report payback within year 1 of operation.

Compact and easy

Whether you work at a high school or college, or you are in charge of line marking for a local sports team or sports center, the TinyLineMarker® Sport can assist.

The TinyLineMarker Sport is the ideal line marker for small to medium sports clubs and teams with few sports types. With its low weight and simple operation, this model is an easy-going companion in your working day, helping you to deliver excellent quality with less manual work.

The five liter paint container is sufficient for a full 11v11 soccer field, which takes only 27 minutes for the robot to complete. Valuable time you can use for other jobs. The robot is easy to transport and operate so that a single person can manage all line marking and complete other tasks while the robot is working.

Download the Sport brochure and meet your new colleague.

Take a Closer Look

Use the 3D model to take a closer look at TinyLineMarker Sport.

Click the circles to get more information.

Who Is This Line Marker For?

We recommend TinyLineMarker Sport to training grounds, sports teams and schools/colleges that are ready to switch from the traditional line marking machines to a more efficient and less time-consuming method. A method that frees up time for the grounds personnel to perform the jobs that require their craft and experience.

Benefits for schools, colleges, sports teams and sports centers:

  • Start of season made much easier: No more strings and measuring by hand
  • Free up time for grounds keepers: More time for more demanding tasks
  • Easy to learn and get started: Intuitive tablet gives full control
  • Easy to transport: Lightweight and fits in trunk
  • Simplified planning: Reliable machine ready to work and only one person required

How Do You Perform Line Marking Today?

Let us know how you perform line marking today. With this information, we can show you how much time, money and paint you can save by using automatic line marking.

Fill in the fields below and we will be in touch shortly after.

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport


So what can the TinyLineMarker Sport actually mark? Well, pretty much anything. Discover the range of templates for sports line marking available here.

All templates can be customized on the go and new templates are released regularly. Click below to see a preview of available templates.

Included in free demo

Free Live Demo

Do you want to experience the TinyLineMarker Sport in action? We do dozens of demos every year and would be happy to pay you a visit and show what the robot can do for you.

TinyLineMarker Tablet: Manage All Your Fields in One Place

  • User-friendly tablet for easy sports line marking
  • Copy-paste, move and resize sports fields instantly
  • 200+ templates and endless customizations
  • Use background map to place fields directly “in the real world”
  • Fields are always saved for future seasons
  • Lines are marked down to centimeter precision every time
TinyLinemarker tablet showing placement of sports field lines on map
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