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What Are the Main Benefits of Field Marking Robots?

  • No more strings and measuring by hand: Initial markings are just like re-markings
  • 100% autonomous GPS line marking robot to free up time for grounds staff
  • 50+ field types which can be scaled and modified
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable line markings every time
  • Works day and night even in rough weather
Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

Which Line Marker Should I Choose?

From Premier League training grounds to community playing fields, the TinyLineMarker® robots keep sports fields ready for athletic games at all levels.

You can choose between two models of the robot: TinyLineMarker Sport and TinyLineMarker Pro X. They are both of high quality and constructed for years of hassle-free operation, but they address different needs.

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Pitch marking robot on sports turf

TinyLineMarker Sport Saves Time And Money

Deepdale, United Kingdom

The Lilywhites’ home ground, Deepdale, holds the title of the ‘world’s oldest professional footballing site in continuous use’. The team of groundsmen take care of the pitch marking and are now saving time and money using their pitch marking robot.

Autonomous line marker robot for sports line marking

Line Marker Saves Time for Hartpury College

Hartpury, United Kingdom

TinyLineMarker Pro has proved to be a big time saver for the grounds team at Hartpury University and Hartpury College.

“We can now plot our own pitches (…) What would have taken me a day now takes just 10 minutes”, said Grounds and Sports Maintenance Manager Matthew Newman.

Field line marking robot for Oakgrave School

‘Oakey’ Takes Care of Sports Line Marking for Local School

Oakgrave School, United Kingdom

Oakgrove School is the first school in the United Kingdom to invest in a field line marker for sports line marking. “To meet a growing increase in demand, the school needed to find a fast, labor saving and economical way to line-mark pitches,” says Oakgrove’s Grounds Maintenance Manager and horticulturist Bill Malins.

Logo marking for NHS at Old Trafford with Manchester United

Manchester United Logo Marking

Old Trafford, United Kingdom

Manchester United paid tribute to the National Health Service (NHS) by marking the NHS logo right in the center of  Old Trafford.

Rugby pitch Parkway Ground Maintenance

TinyLineMarker a ‘No-Brainer’ for Parkway Ground Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance Contractor, United Kingdom

Not only does contractor Dean McDermott know that his purchase of the TinyLineMarker robotic line marking machine will make a big difference to his current operation, “but I know the machine will also enable us to further expand by offering cost-effective line marking to a multitude of new customers – councils and contractors alike,” he says. “Its purchase, to enable us to be more efficient with our current line marking let alone future expansion, was a no-brainer,” he claims.

How can you benefit from robotic sports line marking?

To illustrate how you might benefit from our line markers, we have described how schools, sports teams, municipalities and service providers use our robots. Click below to see more.

TinyLineMarker tablet: Manage all your fields in one place

  • User-friendly tablet for easy sports line marking
  • Copy-paste, move and resize sports fields instantly
  • 50+ templates and endless customizations
  • Use background map to place fields directly “in the real world”
  • Fields are always saved for future seasons
  • Lines are marked down to centimeter precision every time
TinyLinemarker tablet showing placement of sports field lines on map
Example of soccer pitch layout with automatic line marking

Sports fields and pitches

Discover the range of templates for sports line marking available with the TinyLineMarker app.

All templates can be customized on the go and new templates are added regularly.

Click below to see a preview of available templates.

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