Which line marker should I choose?

Robot technology takes the hassle and hard work out of line marking. So, say goodbye to the manually operated machine and greet your new best colleague: The TinyLineMarker®.

TinyLineMarker is a mobile robot that applies the paint with ultra-high precision, guided by satellite signals and powered by a long-life battery. All you have to do is pick the right sports template on the accompanying tablet and press “Start” – then the robot will paint the specified sports field. It is extremely easy to set up and operate, proving itself as a contributing team member wherever it is put to use.

Sports line marking robots

Line marking for all purposes

From Old Trafford to your local school, the TinyLineMarker robots keep sports fields ready for athletic games at all levels. Whether for fun, exercise or multi-million dollar sports events, you can rely on our line marking robots to do an excellent job, every time. We have templates available for football, soccer, rugby, athletics and many other types of sports fields, and new templates are constantly released.

You can choose between two models of the TinyLineMarker: Sport and Pro X. They are both of high quality and constructed for years of hassle-free operation, but they address different needs.

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

Compact and easy – the Sport model

The TinyLineMarker Sport is the ideal line marker for schools, colleges, sports teams and sports centers. It is the world’s most affordable robotic line marker, yet it delivers the same quality and performance as more expensive models. The low weight and simple operation make it the ideal choice for field and grounds managers around the world.

TinyLineMarker Sport delivers straight lines every time and can easily be moved from site to site in the back of a car. The five liter paint container is sufficient for a full 11v11 soccer field, which takes only 27 minutes for the robot to complete.

We recommend TinyLineMarker Sport to clubs, teams and organizations that are ready to switch from the traditional line marking machines to a smarter, more efficient and less time-consuming method. A method that frees up time for the groundsmen to perform the jobs that require their craft and experience.

Front view of TinyLineMarker Pro X

Robust and versatile – the Pro X model

This is our top model, designed for the most demanding jobs. This robot has a big paint capacity and all sports templates are included.

The big wheels keep TinyLineMarker Pro X going even when the surface is soft, and the sturdy construction ensures reliable operation every time, even in rough weather conditions. With 10 liters in the paint container, Pro X can paint several fields before re-fill is needed, and this makes it a real time-saver.

We recommend TinyLineMarker Pro X to large sports clubs/teams, municipalities and service providers with many paint jobs and a variety of different sports fields to look after. The robust and versatile robot will prove to be an efficient and non-demanding co-worker that just keeps on delivering.

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The TinyLineMarker robots are in operation on sports fields all over the world. Big field or small, the robots deliver a quality line marking each and every time. We have delivered our robots to all kinds of customers and, based on our extensive experience, we can advise you on making the best choice.

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