Offering a better way to work

We do what we do because we want to offer a better way to work.

We build on latest knowledge and research

We don’t automate for automation’s sake. We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake.
We specialize in high-precision, reliable and user-friendly robots for marking and stake-out because we want to offer a better way to work.
We are dedicated to improving the way our customers work and how they use automation technology in their day-to-day work. That is why we exist.

The capabilities of our robots are based on our in-depth knowledge within robotics, positioning, automation and usability.
What we do is based on +10 years of consultancy and research experience within the automation, surveying and infrastructure industries.
Precision technology, positioning, GPS, GNSS, robotics, UI/UX optimization… Our robots combine a range of technologies to offer the best robots for marking and stake out.
Turning technology into meaningful solutions for our customers means we have to be close to our customers. Their needs define our priorities.

Every step of the way

We specialize in high-precision, reliable robots to support the way our customers work.

We turn technology into meaningful solutions

Our mission is to improve the use of robot and positioning technology in daily tasks. This requires a strong customer focus and a dedication to creating simple, user-friendly robots of the highest quality.
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