One robot, two versions

The TinySurveyor robot can be used for a very wide range of tasks and projects within surveying, stake-out, setting out, pre-marking etc. In a nutshell, the high-precision positioning system coupled with the ability to mark dots, lines, curves etc. means that land surveyors, road marking companies, constructions companies etc. can use this robot in their projects.

That’s why we offer two versions of the robot; TinySurveor and TinyPreMarker. TinySurveyor allows customers to use their own GNSS receiver or total station, whereas TinyPreMarker is a more plug-and-play solution and comes with a pre-installed GNSS receiver, ready to work.

That is the difference between the two versions – TinySurveyor integrates with GNSS receives of all major brands in the industry. TinyPreMarker is delivered pre-configured and therefore more suitable for companies in different businesses other than surveying, such as event management, power plant layout and operations, road marking, airport service and maintenance etc. The list is goes on. On our Customer Cases page, you can see how our customers use the two robots for different tasks.

Land surveyors complete pre-marking 5 times faster at Brisbane Airport

For land surveyors

For land surveying companies
Setting out
Use your GNSS
DXF and CSV formats
TinyPreMarker robot for road pre-markings

For road markers

For road marking companies
Complete layout solutions
CAD drawings

Full control for surveying, stake-out and pre-marking

The powerful tablet ensures full control and transparency in your work. Keep the overview of your project and edit jobs and projections right from the tablet.
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