Spotland using autonomous robot for layout

Spotland, Denmark

Spotland is a large Danish surveying company rooted in the construction industry. The company is operating in both Denmark and Sweden, supplying their surveying expertise to various kinds of projects. As part of their innovative mindset, they decided to integrate a TinySurveyor into their operation in 2019.

Robot used for layout and stakeout

The TinySurveyor was purchased for the E4 motorway project; a 32 km / 20 mi newbuilt Swedish motorway.
Initially, the TinySurveyor was only supposed to layout the edges of the asphalt layers. However, as the Spotland crew got more familiar with the robot, they also saw the opportunity for staking out all the poles for the crash barriers and the position of the concrete crash barrier.
The TinySurveyor drives with a Trimble R8 GNSS connected to an NTRIP RTK service. The spray tool is mounted on the side for better operation close to edges.

Spotland logo
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