Road marking robot for pre-marking new roads

The Process of Road Construction and Road Marking

Roads and road markings are what make traffic possible. But how is a road typically constructed? What are the necessary steps and materials required to build a road that will last for decades and ensure safe use throughout its lifespan? This article looks at the different phases of road construction and road marking and what equipment is used.

TinyPreMarker robot for road premarkings

Road Pre-marking Feature on TinyPreMarker

May 2019

Using the TinyPreMarker, road marking company WJ in the UK have added autonomous line marking to their service portfolio, with high increases in speed and efficiency – and with positive effects for safety on the job.

According to WJ’s own tests, the robot is capable of marking 30 km per shift, compared to 6 km per shift for human workers.

TinySurveyor e-book

TinySurveyor e-book

The TinySurveyor robot can be used for many purposes and by many different industries. In order to provide an overview of some of the opportunities, we created this e-book which gives a short introduction to the robot, its applications and the benefits and capabilities.

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Highway M6 Junction 2 Mosgrave On Sowe UK

TinyPreMarker saving time in large-scale highways project

TinyPreMarker was used for setting out pre-markings in a £600m UK highways upgrade project. The pre-marking robot ensured increased productivity, greater accuracy of road markings, a reduced margin for human error and increased safety on the job. See how the engineers and operators used the robot and read about their experiences in this report.

TinySurveyor Robot Feature in Construction Europe

Roadbuilding Special from Construction Europe

Construction Europe published an in-depth article on roadbuilding. The feature focuses on the newest machinery and technology innovations from companies such as Volvo, Caterpillar, Doka and TinyMobileRobots and how they are used in roadbuilding projects in the UK, Germany and Austria.

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