Land Surveyors Complete Pre-marking 5 Times Faster Brisbane Airport, Australia

Land Surveyors Complete 5 Weeks of Work in 1 Week at Brisbane Airport

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What would have taken five weeks, this little robot has done in one week.

The TinySurveyor was recently used for pre-marking a new runway at Brisbane Airport, Australia. The surveying robot was used to pre-mark 50km (31 miles) of lines which was completed in five days.

Brisbane Airport Project & Surveying Robot in the News

When the line markers turned up, they couldn’t believe it.

The surveyors at the airport used the robot with their own GPS receivers which allowed them to complete all line pre-marking and stake-out well ahead of time. This in turn allowed the line marking crews to start applying the permanent runway markings even sooner.

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Safety Is Key

According to Karl O’Toole from Position Partners, supplier of positioning solutions to the Australian surveying industry, a surveyor’s job is often characterized by working in unsafe environments. That’s why a surveying robot is even more suited for the land surveying industry as it allows surveyors and operators to work from a safe distance and to remove themselves from hazardous situations during line marking and construction.

Safety for surveyors and operators is also a priority for the Brisbane Airport Corporation. Paul Coughlan, Head of Infrastructure Development, says; “When you look at it from an overall health and safety aspect, that’s what technology can do. That is to actually say How do we make jobs and infrastructure a safer, more efficient way”.

Safety, productivity, speed and accuracy are all part of why this robot is being used more and more by surveyors for stake-out, pre-marking and other high-precision tasks.

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