Efficient Airport Line Marking
Sir-Lines-A-Lot and Their Surveyor Robot

Sir-Lines-A-Lot, USA

See how our customer Sir Lines-A-Lot use the TinySurveyor. Sir Lines-A-Lot is a dedicated parking lot striping and pavement marking company serving both commercial and government customers throughout Northern New England, USA. They often work with roads, runways and parking areas and they have used the TinySurveyor on several airport runways and taxiways.

In 2018, we asked Chip Henry from Sir-Lines-A-Lot to tell us a little bit about how they use the surveyor and pre-marking robot and what it has meant for the way they work.

Surveyor Robot Saves Time in Airport Projects

How do you use the surveyor robot in your daily work and what has it meant for the way you work?

We bought the TinyMobileRobot about six months ago and we have used it on half a dozen airport projects throughout Northern New England this past summer. It’s been fantastic. In the past, we used four guys to do layouts on airports and taxiways running 300 ft cables and it would take all of us all day long to do what the TinyMobileRobot does in just a few hours with one person.


Safety & Customer Satisfaction

The TinySurveyor helps increase safety on the job because the crew can avoid dangerous workplaces, such as near heavy machinery or on populated roads. Sir-Lines-A-Lot have also benefitted from this when using the TinySurveyor in their projects.

“It has really increased our production. The engineers on the job, the safety inspectors, and our customers are all amazed by it. It has really sped up our production and we are super happy to have it.”

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