TinySurveyor Increases Safety for Surveyors at Central Darling Shire Council

Reece Wilson, Director of Shire Services, Central Darling Shire Council purchased the TinySurveyor for a range of road works projects including an initial seal works project.

Central Darling Shire is the largest council in NSW but it’s got the least population, we cover about 53,000 square kms (20463 square miles) and we have a fairly vast unsealed road network so a lot of the roadworks we do, not only for our own councils but also under contract with Transport NSW, are initial seal works

“The TinySurveyor comes in very handy for those capital works projects with roads. They’re normally 5-10 km (3-6 miles) sections at a time and we need to line mark those sections firstly for the sealing works to be laid and then afterwards for the white lining works.”


Marking Out Center Lines, Sports Fields and Airstrips

Mr Wilson made the choice to purchase the TinySurveyor after doing some research and then sending the Trainee Technical Officer, who currently is the main operator of the TinySurveyor, to Sydney to attend the TinySurveyor Roadshow held by Position Partners, TinyMobileRobots’ Australian partner.

“It’s met all expectations that I’ve had for the machine,” said Mr Wilson.

“We currently use it for three things: marking out center lines and offset lines for the road works, on our sporting ovals to mark out our sporting fields and I’ve used it on the airstrips. We’ve got six airstrips to maintain as well.”

TinySurveyor Health Benefits: Increases Safety for Surveyors

Not only has the TinySurveyor managed to reduce costs and save time for Mr Wilson and his team, it also has work health and safety benefits by removing team members from the road and the risk of live traffic when setting out and line marking.

It’s got work health and safety benefits, which reflects well on our company and provides a safer workplace for our people.

“You can drive in the car next to the machine, so you provide protection there as you don’t walk on the road to mark it out, you just drive behind the machine and do everything from in your car.”

The Importance of Service and Support

Mr Wilson was impressed with the access to technical support and training that Position Partners provides.

“Position Partners has got technical support there on the phone all the time. The initial set up and delivery was very good. One of the reps come out who is an experienced surveyor, and he trained our staff on the ground in the use of it. It’s good that to have people there that can talk you through it over the phone as well as login remotely.” said Mr Wilson.

“We’re pretty happy with it and it’s made our job a lot easier, especially with road construction,” added Mr Wilson.


Copyright: Position Partners

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