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STIHL Acquires 23 Percent of Successful Danish Robot Company TinyMobileRobots

Malling, Denmark, January 25th, 2022

Since its establishment just a few years ago, the Danish robot company TinyMobileRobots has conquered a large part of the global market for line marking robots for sports fields and other infrastructure tasks. Now, German industrial group STIHL has acquired almost a quarter of the Danish robot company which in return will gain another strong investor capable of supporting rapid growth plans within the next few years.

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

For 90 years, German industrial group STIHL has held the position as the world’s leading manufacturer of chainsaws. In addition to this, STIHL also produces a wide selection of power tools, forestry machinery and robotic lawn mowers for prosumers and professionals alike. Especially STIHL’s robotic lawn mowers share a strong technical kinship with the advanced line marking robots produced by TinyMobileRobots, intended for use in sports fields and road construction.

During the last couple of years, STIHL Group has been following TinyMobileRobots closely as the company has grown 100 percent per year. Therefore, the corporate venture arm of the STIHL Group, STIHL Digital, now acquires 23,8 percent of TinyMobileRobots, thus buying out the company’s former venture capital company Borean Innovation. Private investor Anders Fauerskov (former co-owner of TC Group) will continue to own part of the company and remains a significant capital partner within the new circle of owners.

We have been looking for a strong partner who can support our continued growth. Having Stihl as a partner is nothing short of a dream come true. Right from the outset, we will also benefit greatly from STIHL’s world-wide network of dealers. While maintaining our status as an independent company, we can draw on STIHL’s huge market experience to accelerate our growth further. To put it mildly, I’m very, very happy with this new development,” says Jens Peder Kristensen, founder and CEO of TinyMobileRobots.

Before investing in TinyMobileRobots, STIHL Digital has only invested in a few companies, primarily within forestry, landscape architecture, construction, farming and lawn care. In the short span of just a few years, TinyMobileRobots has however placed itself firmly in a position as the world’s leading supplier of line marking robots. In the US alone, the company now covers more than half the market. As the US is also one of STIHL’s expansion markets, both companies therefore see great potential and synergy in working together. Especially because TinyMobileRobots’ line marking robots meet a high customer demand for more sustainable products with its robots being powered by batteries instead of diesel and using significantly lower amounts of line paint compared to competing products.

“We have been in close contact with TinyMobileRobots for more than two years, and steadily, we have become more and more impressed with their growth rates and performance. So as the chance to acquire nearly a quarter of the company arose, we were quick to strike a deal. We feel convinced that our future collective efforts will lead to an even greater share of TinyMobileRobots’ fast growing and innovation driven market,” says Benjamin Junghans, Director of STIHL Digital.

TinyMobileRobots has continuously improved the technology in their robots. They are widely used by sports clubs, municipalities, and airports, but also increasingly by construction and engineering companies. Besides this, TinyMobileRobots has also developed a PropTech-robot for measurement of large indoor areas. For instance during construction of high risers, storage buildings, warehouses, and production facilities, where millions of square feet otherwise have to be measured manually. By using robots, these time-consuming tasks can be optimized radically.

For further information, please contact:

Jens Peder Kristensen, CEO, TinyMobileRobots, mobile +45-22 23 11 16 /

Benjamin Junghans, Director, STIHL Digital, mobile +49 715 126 3322 /

Press Service: Jacob Lange, Lange PR, mobile +45-20 76 30 20 /

About TinyMobileRobots

It will take an experienced lawn keeper about five hours to mark the lines of a soccer field, when created for the first time. A line marking robot from TinyMobileRobots can carry out the same task in only 20 minutes. This is one of many reasons why the market for these robots is growing rapidly. All over the world, sports clubs, park owners, schools and universities are realizing what this robot technology can do for them. Once their sports fields are measured and stored on an iPad, marking or retracing them is as easy as pressing a button. A TinyMobileRobot will not only carry out the task quickly and accurately, but also uses considerably less paint.

Across an entire season – when the grass is mowed frequently – municipalities and sports clubs can save significant amounts of time using a robot – time which is better spent repairing damages or improving grass quality. To date, TinyLineMarkers from TinyMobileRobots have marked almost 800.000 sports fields around the world – saving three or four hours of work when marking each field for the first time. TinyMobileRobots also produce PropTech-robots for indoor use and line marking robots for airports, road construction, land surveying, engineering and building construction companies. See more at


The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and distributes power tools for professional forestry and agriculture as well as for garden and landscape maintenance, the construction sector and private garden owners. The product range is complemented by digital solutions and services. Products are distributed through authorized dealers and STIHL’s own online-shops, which will be expanded internationally over the next few years – including 41 sales and marketing subsidiaries, about 120 importers and more than 54,000 servicing dealers in over 160 countries. STIHL produces in own plants in seven countries: Germany, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, China and in the Philippines. Since 1971 STIHL has been the world’s top-selling chain saw brand. The company was founded in 1926 and is based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. In 2020, STIHL achieved a worldwide sales volume of 4.58 billion euros with a workforce of 18,200. See more on

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport
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