TinyLineMarker at a glance

Complete football pitch
Sports pitch layouts
Pitches marked to date
01234567890 hours
Saved per pitch

A better way to work

Turf management just got a lot faster.
Improve turf quality
More time for tending to goals, holes, wear and tear improves the overall quality of the pitches.
Light, precise, user-friendly robot
The feedback we get from our customers it clear. This is the most accurate and yet most simple line marking robot available to date.
First markings
The first markings of the season can be completed in minutes, not hours. Measuring distances and angles by hand is a thing of the past.
Pitches never disappear
Season’s change, grass grows, paint wears off. But the pitches are always right there on the tablet, ready to be marked.
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Key specifications

  • Lightweight: only 30 kg / 66 lbs
  • Minimal paint consumption
  • Completely autonomous
  • Weatherproof
  • Fast, reliable and repeatable markings
  • User-friendly tablet
  • Based on proven robot technology since 2014

< 20 minutes
Complete football pitch

30 kg / 66 lbs
Excluding battery

3 l paint
First marking, full football pitch


TinyLineMarker at work


” (…) both the engineering of the machine and the quality of the work has surprised me quite a bit. The compact dimensions and the low weight of the robot is impressive.”

Heine Clemensen, Municipality of Vejle, Denmark


 “For the past 20 years, the first marking has always been a hassle (…). With TinyLineMarker, you just select and place the pitch on the tablet. Then you start the robot and within 20 minutes you have a marked football pitch. And the markings are straight.”

Knud Madsen, Groundsman, Beder-Malling in Denmark


Most intuitive and easy-to-use pitch design app to date !

  • Move, resize and reshape right from the pitch line
  • Design a full pitch in minutes with the clever copy, align and paste functions
  • Satellite maps support fast design
  • Your pitches will always be aligned down to centimeter-precision

Frequently Asked Questions

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What technical skills do you need for the control app?

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