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Robots from TinyMobileRobots are spreading around the world
TinyPreMarker road premarkings

Larsens Landmåler Service

Sune Larsen, Land Surveyor, Horsens, Denmark

Sune Larsen from Larsens Landmåler Service upgraded one of his TinySurveyor robots to a TinyPreMarker. With the integrated GNSS receiver, the TinyPreMarker is easier to use and easier to start up, as you do not need to set up a separate GNSS receiver. Larsen now uses primarily the TinyPreMarker for road premarking.


Ronan Lahart, Head of Marking, RMS, Ireland

RMS is the first Irish company to use the TinyPreMarker. RMS is responsible for the road markings on very long stretches of new motorways in Ireland. They bought the TinyPreMarker in March 2017, and have been using it almost on a daily basis since. They find it very easy to use, and satisfaction concerning the reliability and precision of the TinyPreMarker is high.

TinyPreMarker robot for road premarkings
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