Custom Logos

Why limit yourself to just sports templates?

Custom Logo Marking

As well as over 200 field templates, our TinyLineMarkers come with a highly sophisticated custom logo feature. This allows you to create a wide variety of designs in various styles, sizes, shapes and colors.

A good example would be to paint a Christmas tree around the holidays. This can add not only a sense of fun and celebration but also add branding value to your school, team or venue. 

Field Marking Stencils

You may know custom logos as ‘stencils’ or ‘field/pitch stencils’ and they are a regular part of field marking outside of the standard line layouts. Depending on their purpose, they are made of metal, paper etc. and whilst they serve their purpose well, they require effort and care with regards to cleaning, storage and maintenance.

You can read more about traditional stencil use in our guide on this topic, otherwise keep scrolling for the better solution.

The Better Alternative

Instead of messing about with cumbersome, oversized stencils, we offer our customers a digitized process, fully integrated with our robots.

Diving into the Custom Logo feature

Keep it simple

Just copy your logo file to your tablet, place it on the background map, and press start.

Time saver

Paint your logo design in no time without the need for cardboard stencils.

Express yourself

Offer the audience a great experience by decorating your turf with any logo or custom design you want.


With an intuitive and simple tablet set up, anyone on your team can handle a custom logo painting job.

How does it work?

Easy file transfer

Our tablet uses a simple SVG  format of your logo design, allowing for easy upload and integration. Simply place it on the background map, press Start and the TinyLineMarker does the rest.

Custom templates for all customers

We also offer a catalogue of ready-to-use custom logo templates to all our customers for special events. These range from sports, holidays, events and commonly used symbols and iconography. 

Place and paint your design

The design can be painted at any time (as long as you have a robot and paint). You can also copy it to another location, change the size and save again, allowing for easy field transfers. 

Create custom shapes

We also offer decorative templates that can be used by everyone who wishes to do a little extra with their sports turf. If you can draw it, chances are the TinyLineMarker can paint it. 

Do you have a logo you'd like to see on a field?