Field Painting Robots
For Every Sport

Field Painting Robots For Every Sport

Advanced Line Marking Technology

Superior Lines

Achieved with probabilistic filters and high-tech GPS.

Easy to Use

All you need is 1-person and your paint, simple.

Simple Operation

User-friendly app for quick and easy start-up.

Limitless Layouts

Hundreds of different field layouts for all kinds of sports.

Line Marking Revolutionized

Two Robots, One Purpose

TinyLineMarker Sport

TinyLineMarker Pro X

Sports Field Painting Has Never Been Easier

Not to mention the time and cost savings! Check out what Bryan from Pasadena has to say:

Enhance your Organization

Who is TinyMobileRobots?

At the forefront of line marking automation industry, TinyMobileRobots has gone from a small Danish startup to an international corporation. Our primary drive is creating solutions that help improve efficiency and resource management for Athletic Directors, Facility Managers and Groundskeepers.

Witness the Power of our Robots

Do you want to experience how the TinyLineMarker can elevate your fields? 
Let us come visit and demonstrate what our field painting robot can do for you.