Fast, easy and accurate sports line marking

Professional and reliable sports line marking

High-precision surveying robot

Fast, reliable and repeatable markings

Sports line marking TinyLineMarker Sport

For Schools and Sports Teams

For sports teams and colleges
Line marking robot
Easy to learn and set up
Lightweight for easy transport
Front view of TinyLineMarker Pro X

For Cities and Service Providers

For municipalities and service providers
Handles demanding line marking
Access to all templates
Greater paint capacity
Land surveyors complete pre-marking 5 times faster at Brisbane Airport

For Land Surveyors

For land surveying companies
Setting out
Use your GNSS
DXF and CSV formats
TinyPreMarker robot for road pre-markings

For Road Markers

For road marking companies
Complete layout solutions
CAD drawings

New Field Marking Robot for Sports Teams and Colleges

The new field marking robot TinyLineMarker Sport is here. Designed for smaller sports teams and local schools and colleges, it is a smaller, lighter version of our Pro X line marker. The Sport model has been designed to meet the line marking needs as well as the budget limitations of smaller sports organisations around the world.

TinyLineMarker Sport

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We Offer a Better Way to Work

Our company specializes in high-precision, reliable outdoor robots that perform marking and stake out. Our robotics engineers combine advanced robotics software with artificial intelligence and high-precision technologies from the land surveying industry. To ensure reliable and robust technology, we also incorporate proven technologies from other industries. Our aim is always to turn the scientific and technological evolution into meaningful solutions for our customers.

We are dedicated to improving the way our customers work and how they use automation  and positioning technology in their day-to-day work. That is why we exist.

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Different technologies enable different outcomes. It is the combination of these technologies that give our robots their potential.
To get the best results, we use probabilistic filters and real-time kinematic to increase the accuracy of our robots.
We design user-friendly apps that allow anyone to work with the robot. Teaching colleagues how to use the robot is also very easy.
All of our user interfaces have been tested for usability by world standard methods to make them as intuitive as possible.
The specific layout dimensions can be adjusted on-site with the control app. A football field can be resized seconds before marking begins.
The robots batteries will work up to 8 hours on one charge. The batteries are easily replaced on the go, allowing the robot to continue working.
Mobile robotics are changing the way people work. We strive to make our autonomous robots a valuable addition to way our customers work.
Our spray tool supports all standard-sized aerosol cans, allowing our customers to use the same cans as before.
Precision lines
Accuracy and precision are enhanced by the robots’ built-in support for marking lines and arcs.

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